Newly added tools

DMARC XML to Human Converter

This tool from dmarcian allows you to upload uncompressed or compressed (in gzip or zip) DMARC XML files […]

HTTP Header Status & Redirect Checker (Web Sniffer)

This tool checks the responses a website is sending back to requests, so you can check it is […]

Remove Special Characters

A simple tool to remove special characters (like !#$”.~_) and keep only alphanumeric characters. This tool: removes all […]

Redirect Check

A simple tool that traces website redirects and generates a report.


An online tool that detects what browser you’re using, what settings are enabled, device, operating system, screen size […]

ShareDrop is a free, open-source web app that allows you to easily and securely share files directly between […]

UTM Tag Builder

Quickly add UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tags to your URLs to track interactions. Fill out the fields you […]

Print & Digital Contrast Checker

A color contrast checker for digital (screen) and print applications. Enter HEX, RGB or CMYK color to see […]

Link Contrast Checker

A tool to help meet WCAG A and AA accessibility standards for contract and legibility for links and […]

A quick tool to look up your IP address and associated location.


Generate the right favicons for different devices, browsers and operating systems all at once. Set different favicons for […]

Font Size Calculator

The Font Size Calculator is designed to make it easier to identify inclusive and accessible font sizes for […]
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