Newly added tools


The best way to find your next favorite book! Search by mood, location, plot, character type and more […]

Free Vintage Illustrations

One of the world’s largest curated resource of copyright-free, downloadable vintage illustrations on the internet. Sourced from countless […]

Old Book Illustrations

A collection of Old Book Illustrations scanned and restored to, as close as possible, original condition from a […]

Age-Positive Image Library

The first free library showing positive and realistic images of people over 50. The photos show a more realistic […]

SSL Server Test

An extensive SSL/TLS server tester that completes a number of different tests about the configuration and implementation of […]

Timestamp Converter

Convert a Unix timestamp to a human readable date and time format and vise versa. Just paste in […]


Test the spammyness of your emails before you send them. Great for newsletters and other marketing emails. Send […]

DMARC XML to Human Converter

This tool from dmarcian allows you to upload uncompressed or compressed (in gzip or zip) DMARC XML files […]

HTTP Header Status & Redirect Checker (Web Sniffer)

This tool checks the responses a website is sending back to requests, so you can check it is […]

Remove Special Characters

A simple tool to remove special characters (like !#$”.~_) and keep only alphanumeric characters. This tool: removes all […]

Redirect Check

A simple tool that traces website redirects and generates a report.


An online tool that detects what browser you’re using, what settings are enabled, device, operating system, screen size […]
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