Blueprint & Credits

You probably won’t be surprised, but I used a bunch of different tools to build this website!

In order to help credit the tools and technology I used on this site, I’ve put together a general list of the main things I ended up using. As things evolve, I’ll make updates.

The site is built on the self-hosted version of WordPress, using Gutenberg. I’ve used Astra Pro as the theme since it’s somewhat easy to build upon to create something custom. The site is hosted by Linode and I use Cleavr as the deployment and hosting control panel.

Some of the icons are custom, others are from Feather Icons and Hero Icons.

The website body copy is set in Karla (regular, italic and bold), a grotesque sans serif typeface designed by Jonny Pinhorn. The titles are set in Bitter (regular, italic and bold), a “contemporary” slab serif typeface designed by Sol Matas for Huerta Tipográfica. In most cases we host the font files locally to protect our user’s privacy and to prevent rate limiting by external providers when using alternative services and tools, like a VPN.

We use Plausible analytics to gather anonymous statistics about our site. Plausible is a simple, privacy friendly, open source, analytics software that doesn’t use cookies or track users across sites. We use the hosted version, which is completely located in the European Union and fully GDPR complaint.

Other tools, plugins and services

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